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Sintered filter wastewater zero discharge printing enterprises

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Wastewater treatment of printing enterprises and emissions has been a problem in enterprise and the environmental protection department. Sintered filter was made has been effectively solve the problem. General process of disperse dye printing, the fabric cloth all need through the screen printing, steaming, washing, finalize the design steps such as final to printing the finished product. Fixed on the fabric hair dye by steaming, again through the water to wash the dyes and paste of excess, in the water to wash the process will produce large amounts of sewage and waste water, if not handled direct emissions will cause the ground vegetation died, at the same time harm the underground water, become the direct pollution of environment. Has the potential to printing enterprise can not only produce high quality products, and not in printing and dyeing process does not produce waste water? For solving this difficult problem, water treatment experts after years of enterprise research and repeated the experiment finally developed an effective governance printing enterprise wastewater treatment equipment - Radio frequency (rf) water treatment. Sintered filter is a kind of using mesh directly to intercept the impurities in the water, purify water, suspended solids, particulate matter, reduce the turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt, bacteria and algae, corrosion, etc, to purify the water quality and protect the system working precision and other devices, water from the inlet to the whole water processor, due to the intelligent ( PLC、PAC) Design, the system can automatically identify the impurities deposition, to drain valve signal automatic drainage. After water treatment of the radio frequency treatment of repeatable, recycle water. Sintered filter blocked sewage discharge from the source, and save the money into the business related equipment and maintenance, repair and other daily spending a lot of spending.
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