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Some notes about filter source sintered filter integration

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
1, sintering filter products charging standard: P1 work for this product is the lowest pressure, its value should be the most unfavorable point needed to meet the fire water system of fire control pressure. Such as fire hydrant water supply system, it is necessary to meet the most unfavorable point fire hydrant water and full water column length, not by meet the hydrostatic pressure of 0. 07 mpa or 0. 15 mpa for charging standard.

2, calculate the P1, and along the pipeline system adopted by the local loss of flow, should be early fire fire water, such as fire hydrant system for the two strands of hydrant flow 2 x 5 ( L/S) = 10 ( L/S) Or 2 x 2. 5 ( L/S) = 5 ( L/S) ; The automatic sprinkler system for the five sprinkler, generally adopts 5 x 1 ( L/S) = 5 ( L/S) 。

3, sintering filter main components: the pressure inside the tank should be required to store the water volume, fire water system regulated water volume and buffer capacity, according to determine the diameter of a, b value obtained and specifications. For fire hydrant water supply system of air pressure tank water volume is not less than 300 l. Used in the automatic sprinkler system pressure tank water volume is not less than 150 l. Used for fire hydrant and sprinkler system pressure tank water volume is not less than 450 l.
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