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Stainless steel filter cartridge type commonly used classification

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Precision filter according to the commonly used filter types can be divided into the following kinds:
1, PP filter filter:
PP filter also called PP melt-blown filter, melt-blown filter core made of polypropylene superfine fiber thermal entanglement fiber in random space form three-dimensional microporous structure, pore diameter gradient distribution along the filtrate flow, integrating surface, deep and fine fine filtering, can intercept different particle size of impurities. Filter precision range 0. 5-100 microns, the flux is 1 of the same precision filter. More than 5 times, can configure different types of end cover joint and meet the needs of the various engineering installation.
2, wire wound filter filter:
by textile fiber yarn has a good filtering performance precision winding in the porous skeleton refined but become. Its yarn materials has polypropylene fibers, acrylic fibers, cotton wool fiber, etc. Winding through the control of yarn winding firmness and dilute density, can be made into different precision filter, can effectively remove all kinds of liquid suspended solids, impurity particles, etc. , have higher purification efficiency for various liquids.
3, folding filter filter:
folding filter made of polypropylene membrane as the filter medium precision filtering device, has small volume, big filter area, high precision, etc. Filtration precision scope can be from 0. 1 mu mu m and 60 m. Filter end cover sealing and overall connection structure adopt hot melt adhesive. Filter joint for the three style: international general joint of 222 and 226 joint, the flat. Products have been strictly before they go out of a complete test, to ensure the products with stable performance.
4, stainless steel precision filters

stainless steel filter characteristics:
A, good filtering performance, the 2 - 200 um filter size all can play a uniform surface
B performance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good wear resistance;
C, stainless steel filter uniform porosity, precision filtration precision;
D, stainless steel filter of large flow per unit area;
E, stainless steel filter for low temperature, high temperature environment; After cleaning can be used again, free replacement.
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