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Stainless steel filter filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

stainless steel filter filter

stainless steel filter filter introduction:
pipe series of Y type filter and filter blue filter they are made by the
high quality stainless steel material, these two kinds of filter structure is more advanced, small resistance
easy drainage, etc. Due to the filter USES is the material of stainless steel, convenient maintenance
just need to remove the filter element, remove the filter out impurities, it is ok to replace.

stainless steel filter filter parameters:
material: high quality stainless steel
filter material: carbon steel or stainless steel
packing material: nitrile rubber, ptfe
filtration precision: ( When consulting, please specify precision)
as temperature: carbon steel c

stainless steel c connection mode: threaded connection, both of the flange, welding

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