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Stainless steel flange quick water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

flange stainless steel water filter quickly

flange stainless steel water filter quickly summary:
the rapid filter USES is the material of stainless steel production, are widely used in various industries of pretreatment and filtering.
flange rapid filter can be divided into ordinary flange and flange, flange sealing good, ordinary design pressure is high,
convenient loading and unloading activities without flange, flange loading and unloading activities is convenient, cost is ordinary high flange, large diameter can be rocker arm,
element changes when more convenient.

stainless steel flange quick water filter parameters:
the foot. Under the head
. Water inlet
. Manger
. Barrel
in block under the flange.
fast loading on the flange. Hung mother
port pressure gauge. Seal on the top of the

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