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Stainless steel quartz sand filter ( Sand filter)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Stainless steel quartz sand filter as the name suggests is for stainless steel quartz sand filter tank, stainless steel quartz sand filter, also known as stainless steel sand filter, stainless steel sand filter, the name is not the same things are actually the same, then the stainless steel quartz sand filter which is divided into several kinds, routinely used in water treatment of stainless steel 304 stainless steel, stainless steel 316 l, not the rest of the number such as 301201 stainless steel and so on, easy to corrosion, not real stainless steel, so many successively from good on the market, selling 301 stainless steel as 304 stainless steel, betray a conscience, the key is will be easy to rust, corrosion, the consequences will be severe. We as a professional filter manufacturer, responsible to tell you that we never into 202201301 material is qualitative material, we in either stainless steel 304, or 316 l stainless steel.
gossip not much said, stainless steel quartz sand filter control is carbon steel quartz sand filter and glass fiber reinforced plastic quartz sand filter, here I talk about stainless steel quartz sand filter advantages:
1, corrosion resistance, as we all know, stainless steel materials such as nickel element, can effectively resist the corrosion of water, the higher the corrosion resistance of nickel content.
2, atmosphere, appearance after polishing stainless steel, the surface mirror, smooth, not easy corrosion, grade.
3, the same filter diameter stainless steel, stainless steel thickness is small, lightweight, carry convenience.
stainless steel quartz sand filter selections:
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