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Stainless steel skeleton wound filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

skeleton of stainless steel wire wound filter

stainless steel skeleton wound filter summary:

the filter is made up of degreased cotton specific processing on the winding in the porous stainless steel skeleton.
the precision of the filter is by the tightness of degreased cotton wrapped around the skeleton on the decision of the
and solid particles in liquid and other impurities.

skeleton of stainless steel wire wound filter parameters:

stainless steel frame can have a strong ability to resist pressure
chemical raw materials, organic solvent filtration can be resistant to acid and alkali
in the chemical process of acid and alkali liquid filter:
diameter mm inner diameter:

mm length: '
filter material: cotton wool
stainless steel filter precision: um, um, um, etc.
degreased cotton filter center pole for the material of stainless steel frame can be used in organic solvent, water, oil, alkaline solvent filtration

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