Professional & Excellent Quality Sintered Filters

There are durable quality and eco-friendly filter cartridges in Luyuan factory. Including sintered filter cartridge (sintered wire mech, sintered powder filter, sintered filter disc).


Here are the advantages of filter cartridges:

1. ISO9001 and SGS certified.

2. With professional filtration & purification solution, make filter system more simple & reliable.

3. Good chemical stability, acid & alkali corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance.

4. No glues or additives, strong antimicrobial ability, no microbes, high dirt-holding capacity and long service life.

5. Good mechanical performance, it can have the suction filtration & press-filtration.

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OEM All kinds Of Sintered Filters

All of the products are custominzed by our customers, welcome to your inquiry.


Stainless Filter Mesh

Sintered Wire Mesh

Sintered Filter Disc

Sintered Porous Filter

Sintered Oil Element

Stainless Steel Filter

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