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Sulfone membrane filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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sulfone membrane filter cartridge adopts advanced in the world today polyether sulfone microporous membrane filter as the filter medium. Sulfone membrane filter is suitable for the strict disinfection sterilization application of pre filtering, and finally filtering. Its unique hydrophilic polyether sulfone membrane, excluding wetting agents, surfactants or surface for filtering solution ( Such as: sugar, serum and tissue culture, etc. ) Provide a high level of filtration precision and circulation. Due to its wide applicable P H, the adsorption on the protein and valuable biological agents is lower than the nylon membrane and cellulose acetate membrane, therefore, has become the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and so on the preferred for the terminal filtration of the microporous membrane filter cartridge. Product features polyether sulfone membrane has accounted for over eighty percent of the membrane area of micro hole opening rate and unique microporous geometry, improved filter filtration efficiency and filtration rate of the difficult solution. Products are 100% integrity testing, before they go out in the HIMA bacteria intercept test requirements. All of the components in biological safety in accordance with the requirements of the 21 edition pharmacopoeia grade 6 in the United States, not in the high temperature pyrolysis. Have a wide range of chemical compatibility. Applications in pieces the terminal filtration of pharmaceutical and biological products. Mixer ultrapure water filter, chemical raw materials. Pieces of beer, drinks, mineral water filter, etc. Web site
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