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Summary of process performance of activated carbon filter element used in water purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-10
The removal of organic matter in the water purification device mainly uses the principle of activated carbon, because the activated carbon filter element can filter out the inorganic matter, odor, chlorine, pesticides and other chemical pollutants in the water, and these impurities will adhere to the surface of the activated carbon, thereby improving the water quality. 1. The manufacturing process adopts automated, continuous and stable manufacturing technology to ensure that each filter element has consistent performance. The standardized length can be installed according to the needs of most filter cartridges. The high-temperature vacuum manufacturing process can reduce the debris generated during the manufacturing process. , the raw material is melted and compressed at high temperature. 2. Structural properties of activated carbon filter element The filter element structure has a large specific surface area, uniform density, long service life, strong adsorption capacity and high mechanical strength. The raw materials are melted at high temperature, compressed and formed, dechlorinated, deodorized, and end caps with sealing performance at both ends are made into high-density filter elements. 3. Granular activated carbon filter element The filter element has the advantages of developed micro-pore size, high mechanical strength for water transport, stronger adsorption capacity, high degree of raw water purification, and long service life of the filter element. It also has the characteristics of developed pore structure, low impurity content, appropriate particle size, low resistance, and easy regeneration. 4. The sintered activated carbon filter element adopts the low-temperature compression activation preparation process and the deep filtration effect, so that the filter element forms ultra-fine filter pores, and the pore size is tortuous, which greatly prolongs the contact time between water and activated carbon, and efficiently filters out different colors, odors, heavy metals and pesticide residues, etc. Carcinogens, and effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction. The rear activated carbon filter element selected for the water purification system is made of high-quality nut shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon as raw materials, supplemented by food-grade adhesives, and is processed by high-end technology through a special process. In one, it can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effect of decolorization and odor removal. It is widely used in electronic industry, pure water preparation, gas adsorption, petrochemical and other fields.
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