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Supply of Y type filter screen

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

supply Y type strainer screen

supply Y type strainer screen introduction:
Y type strainer screen installed inside the line Y filter, can also be called a filter.
the mesh is made by stainless steel material, the filter liquid impurities will not rust.
the mesh design is relatively simple, is composed of multiple aperture on the skeleton, the size of the aperture
is the size of the filter impurities.

supply Y type strainer screen features and specifications:
as the design of the filter is simple and is
stainless steel material can be washed, so relatively long service life, also reduces the cost of the
when buying mesh clients to provide mesh diameter and height.
although the filter model is a standard, each manufacturer production
specification but there is a difference between, so in order to more reliable buy suitable products
should provide the corresponding parameters.

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