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Talk about health knowledge of drinking water

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Sales in the market of straight drinking water, look carefully, there are drinking pure water, drinking mineral water, drink mountain spring, now a lot of people think that all clear tasteless of bottled water, bottled water is pure water. In fact this is wrong. Appears to be as clear as bottled water, bottled water, but in fact they are very different. Below I to introduce their difference respectively.
1, the pure water is what?
pure water, high pure water from the academic point of view, is the very high chemical purity of water, mainly used in biological, chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, power, etc, of high purity water quality requirements. Pure water used in the power system, for example, require the low content of impurities level 'micrograms/l'. Pure water is conform to the hygienic standards for drinking water water as raw water, by electrodialysis method, ion exchange method, reverse osmosis, distillation and other appropriate, processing method, the most pure water by reverse osmosis ( Reverse osmosis) Production, with the seal in the container, and do not contain any additives, colorless, transparent, can be directly drinkable. Pure water due to the high degree of filter, not only filter out the impurities and microorganisms, but also filter out the minerals and nutrients, only water molecules, other ions, very few minerals. As well as mineral water, pure water, at the same time in the filter for the purification of water will also from basic to acid.
2. What is a mineral water?
we now general city tap water as raw water, mineral water with pure processing, artificial add minerals, sterilization after filling. Add mineral water at present is chaotic, mainly by the industry according to the hygienic standards of using food additives ( GB2760 - 2007). Regulation and limited to add, not unified, the national standard. Mineral water quality general acidic.
3, what is the difference between mineral water and mountain spring?
mountain is a mountain since the purification of natural water. Water may come from rain, snow, or mountain lakes, etc. Water also blended in some beneficial to human body in the flow of mineral composition, but the mineral content as well as natural mineral water have strict requirements, at the same time because of the water body exposed on the surface, vulnerable to external contamination.
mineral water streaming in from the depths of the natural or artificial revealed, unpolluted underground mineral water; Contains rich mineral essence, trace element, or carbon dioxide gas; Under normal circumstances, its chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature and other dynamic within the natural range is relatively stable. Mineral water is formed in the formation of deep cycle, can put an end to the outside world pollution, contain natural minerals and qualified index of national standard, must conform to the national GB8537 standards. Water is one of the international academia as one of the most healthy and safe drinking water.
there are more than the knowledge, we can easily choose good you need water, healthy drinking water.
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