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tanzanian low-cost water filter wins innovation prize

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A water filter from copper and fluoride to bacteria, viruses and pesticides has won a prestigious Innovation Award in Africa.
Its inventor, Askwar Hilonga, a chemical engineer in Tanzania, uses nanotechnology and sand to clean water.
He told the BBC that his invention should help 70% families in Tanzania who do not have clean drinking water.
A prize worth 25,000 ($38,348)
It is the first such project of the Royal College of Engineering.
Chief Justice Malcolm brindder said: \"His innovations can change the lives of many Africans and people around the world.
Latest news report on Africa
Water-based filters for cleaning contaminated drinking water using nanotechnology have been registered.
Mr Hilonga told the BBC news program about the contents of the filter: \"I take water through the sand to capture debris and bacteria . \".
\"But the sand can\'t remove contaminants like fluoride and other heavy metals, so I remove chemical contaminants through nano-materials.
\"He said that before the cost of a filter is $130, but after winning 25,000, he will buy materials in large quantities and the cost will be reduced.
\"For people who can\'t afford to buy water filters, we have set up water stations where people buy water at very low, affordable prices,\" he added . \".
Mr Hilonga explained in a YouTube video on 2014 that other resins could remove up to 97% of Micro
But his goal is to produce nanometers.
Can filter 99 \".
999% \"of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses \".
His family often suffers from water.
He told sayy4 change that spreading the disease grew up in rural Tanzania, so when he graduated from a Korean doctorate in nanotechnology, he began to study nano-materials suitable for clean water.
The goal of the Royal College of Engineering is to help points
Sub-Saharan African engineers develop solutions to the challenges of Africa for businesses.
Mr. Hilonga and three runners.
Up received £ 10,000 per person and has spent six months working out a business plan.
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