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Technical characteristics of high-precision sintered filter element for water purification treatment

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-24
The high-precision sintered filter element is made of polypropylene fibers that are wound and bonded by themselves. The gradient depth filtration structure of the outer thick and the inner thin, the outer loose and the inner tight has high porosity, high retention rate, high dirt holding capacity and long service life. , the characteristics of low replacement frequency. Using hot-melt welding technology, even the large-scale cartridge-type melt-blown filter element does not need additives, resin adhesives, lubricants, slow-release agents, and does not bring any chemical pollutants. 1. High dirt retention capacity of pp meltblown filter element: 1. The entire filter element layer realizes the effect of capturing particulate matter according to density classification, so that the efficiency of the filter element can be fully exerted; 2. Higher dirt retention capacity means longer use Life and lower replacement frequency and more cost savings; 3. The surface density of the filter element is low, and the density gradually increases from the surface to the center of the filter element; 4. There is no such thing as reducing the flow rate of the pp meltblown filter element and increasing the replacement frequency. Surface blind spots. 2. Structure of high-purity polypropylene filter element: 1. High temperature fusion fiber; 2. Does not contain humectants, antistatic agents and binders; 3. Wide and long-lasting chemical resistance; 4. Failure can be It is easy to handle after incineration and ash; 5. The cleanliness meets the requirements of FDA food and beverage industry; 3. Well-proven manufacturing process: 1. Automated, continuous manufacturing process can ensure that each filter element has good and consistent performance indicators; 2. High temperature and vacuum manufacturing process can reduce potential manufacturing debris. 4. Long service life and reduced replacement times High-precision fusion-bonded filter element fiber technology meets the market demand for pure polypropylene depth filter elements with superior dirt retention capacity. This transition enables longer service life and fewer replacements than existing paper, fiberglass, stainless steel pleated, rolled and resin-bonded filters. As a product of this technology, high-precision fusion-bonded filter fiber technology is a valuable choice in the application market that requires long service life, low replacement frequency, and high precision.
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