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Technical parameters of household water purifier filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-26
As we all know, the filter element is the guardian of the water purifier. The key to the quality of the water purifier is the filter element. However, the manuals of most water purifiers on the market do not indicate the use of the filter element configuration, and there is no way to know what the filter element of the household water purifier has on the water quality. Effect. The following are the detailed technical parameters of the water purifier filter element configured for different water quality. 1. The water quality is good, the TDS value is less than 150, the salt content of such water is low, and the main harmful substances are: bacteria, trace particles and impurities. Filter element configuration: PP cotton + granular activated carbon + extruded carbon rod + fluid film + small T33 2. The water quality is general, the TDS value is between 150 and 450, and the content of particulate matter, residual chlorine and other substances in this water is more. Filter element configuration: folded filter element + granular activated carbon + extruded carbon rod + RO membrane + small T33 3. The water quality is poor, the TDS is between 450 and 600, the water contains a lot of residual chlorine and suspended particles, and the salt content is high. Filter element configuration: folded filter element + extruded carbon rod + resin filter element + RO membrane + small T33 4. The water quality is very poor, the TDS value is between 600 and 800, the water scale content is large, there are many suspended solids, bacteria, rust, etc. The filter element for exceeding the standard content: ceramic filter element + sintered activated carbon + resin filter element + RO membrane + small T33 5. The water quality is extremely poor, the TDS value is above 800, and the content of harmful substances is huge. After the filter element), the ceramic filter element+sintered activated carbon+resin filter element+ultrafiltration membrane+RO membrane+small T33 The above filter cartridges are used to summarize the general situation. . Therefore, I strongly urge local distributors to do market research and water quality analysis in the early stage of the water purification industry, and use suitable filter elements according to the actual local conditions, so as to achieve the ideal water purification effect. It can be understood that the water purifier is generally filtered by a combination of several filter elements, and each filter element has a certain service cycle, that is to say, it has a service life. Therefore, it is recommended that you replace the filter element regularly according to the product manual.
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