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Technical parameters of the phosphorus silicon crystal filter installation considerations

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
USES the food grade compound phosphate phosphorus silicon crystal filter can restrain from the calcium, magnesium and other minerals in the water to generate scale, effectively prevent wading equipment fouling problem ( Such as solar energy, gas water heaters, electric water boiler, etc. ) ;
phosphorus silicon crystal filters technical indicators:
1, the design flow rate: 2000 l/H
2, in and out of the gate: G3/4 ( 6) : outlet of G3/4 ( 3 points)
3, filtration precision: 75 um ( According to the matching accuracy)
4, rated pressure: less than 0. 6 mpa
5, the rated temperature: less than 45 degrees
6, inlet outlet spacing: 10 cm; The overall height of 18 cm
installation matters:
1, when the filter is installed, please see clear water flow direction of the arrow, in order to avoid the wrong direction.
2, as in the fixed pipe installation this filter, it is recommended to use union, convenient disassembly check next time.
3, before the filter suggest install ball valve switch, convenient to turn off the water.
4, rinse mouth down for installation.
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