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The advantage of burning stone filter and what is it used for

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Burning stone filter used in many ways, it has a very wide range of USES, characteristics and advantage of this and it is inseparable. Everyday in the use of burning stone filter, depend on the characteristics of it can not only improve the work efficiency, also can achieve the result that expect is less than.

burning stone filter is the filter as the filter medium, use pressurization to make solid-liquid separation of a filter.

for solid-liquid separation method using filter belong to the microporous filter technology, mainly is suitable for the solid particle 0. 5 ~ 10 microns material or particles is greater than zero. 5 microns particles but not rigid, easy to deformation, between particles or between particles and filter medium viscosity of filter material.

will stay filter liquid by import into filter, the filter from the outgoing in filter layer and filtered into clear liquid, and then through the outlet.

impurities trapped in the deep and surface of filter, so as to achieve the aim of the liquid filtered, but filter using time also shoulds not be too long, because the filter is easy to breed bacteria.

burning stone filter features:

1, can effectively remove suspended solids in liquid, rust, etc.

2, can be filtered under high pressure;

3, unique deep mesh structure make the filter element has higher pollutant carrying capacity;

4, filter can choose a variety of materials, to meet the needs of the various fluid filtration;

5, appearance of small size, big filter area, small resistance, long service life.

burning stone filter cleaning methods:

1, if started commissioning system is dirty, can be in after two or three times water flow will open, precision laser water filter the upper flange romped to a water filter cartridge;

2, remove the filter to be immersed in the water with a soft brush to clean the filter outside, when cleaning filter do not be hard object collisions;

3, open the enemy, will be dirt cleaning cartridge thrown away;

4, the filter cartridge light into, put the gasket and the flange cover, screw down the bolt;

5, in normal operation, according to the situation of water quality, regular cleaning filter according to the above procedure.
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