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The advantage of stainless steel bag filter housing

The advantage of stainless steel bag filter housing


Bag filter is a new, applicable, small-sized, operable multi-body filter device, flexible cylinder structure, energy-saving, closed-type work multi-body filter device, main pressure filter, stainless steel stainless steel filter barrel device. The filtrate enters the bag from the side inlet of the filter housing. The filter bag is a fine liquid device in the added mesh basket. The filter bag itself can be obtained by the liquid flowing through the filter bag of the required degree. The filter particles are intercepted by the filter.

The bag filter cylinder can be made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, which is easy to manufacture and resistant to PVC, PP and other polymer materials. The three-layer filter cylinder can be set to the requirements of thermal insulation or container crystallization materials.


The main advantages of bag filter:

The relative leakage probability of the bag side is small, and the filtration quality is guaranteed as a whole.

Bag filtration can bring about profitable working pressure, small pressure loss, low operating cost, and obvious effect.

Filter bag filtration accuracy: 0.5um-1000um.

The bag filter has large processing capacity, small volume and large dirt holding capacity.

Based on the working principle and structure of the bag filter system, it is convenient and quick to replace the filter bag, and the filter is free of cleaning, saving labor and time.

The filter bag can be reused after cleaning, saving cost.

Bag filtration has a wide range of applications, flexible use and multiple installation methods.

Bag filter specifications:

Bag filter is divided into: single bag filter, multi-bag filter and sandwich filter. Multi-bag filter, suitable for large flow filtration. From 2 bags to 24 bags, the specifications are complete, the diameter of the inlet and outlet flanges is φ50-455, and the flow rate is 90-10m/h.


The main purpose:

Paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, industrial wastewater, fruit juice, edible Oil, wax, etc.

Specifications: BE1-1 BE2-1 BE1-3 BE2-3 BE1-5 BE2-5 BE1-7 BE2-7 BE1-9 BE2-9

Material: 304 or 316L

Bags: 1 1 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9

Filter flow: 10 20 30 60 50 100 70 140 90 180


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