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The advantages of alternative pall filter pall filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
PALL filter advantage

PALL PALL has always been to filter industry is one of the biggest brands, the filter is mainly used in oil filter, air filter, water filter, and other industries, to remove a small amount of solid particles in liquid or air, the normal work of the protection device and the air is clean, when the fluid is placed into a certain size of filter cartridge, the impurity is blocked, and clean flow through the filter out. So many pall filter users will have such doubt, pall filter exactly what are the advantages? The following filtering technology co. , LTD. , henan is drawing for you!

1. Pall filter has several options in choosing filter material, glass fiber filter paper, stainless steel net, wood pulp filter paper, stainless steel sintering network, etc.

2. The pall filter filter layer is not the same as ordinary filter, ordinary filter are three layers of filter material, pall filter with five layers of fine filter material, achieve the filtering precision of the 1 um, completely passed the test precision.

3. Pall filter skeleton is not generally, ordinary filter adopts 3 mm thick PP skeleton, pall filter with 5 mm thick PP skeleton specially made and become, to a certain extent, enhance the capacity of the pressure of the filter element.

in his application, pall filter leading figures of the whole of the machinery industry, steel mills, power plants, paper mills, chemical plants the hydraulic station of dilute oil station lubrication station all can use the filter for replacement. So that consumers can have many choices, especially the pall filter, make you more at ease.
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