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The application of reverse osmosis pure water in winemaking and introduction

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Good wine is good, the water in the brewing process, the most important step is to deal with water, if the water is bad, the safety and taste of wine, shelf life will be affected, so the process of water treatment is very important one annulus, commonly used in the brewing process of water treatment technology are softening, ion exchange, electrodialysis, ultrafiltration process, etc.
the ancient yue, a water side wines, each region has its own local liquor taste, keep upgrade on behalf of the local wine to the development of the wine is in the main shaft of the brand. Scientific development, technological progress, technology, the improvement of taste habits are constantly show the influence of the wine process about quality. Wine merchants and wine tasters can often encounter water effects on wine. Then why happened? The same process, why the wines have good or bad, in addition to man-made factors, also related to what? The answer is 'water', I'd like to introduce below drinks due to what causes the following problems.
1, the turbidity: wine itself is a colloidal solution. Without other substances, stability of spirit itself is wonderful, without suspended matter, impurity precipitation, shows the clear and transparent. When the wine alcohol, acid radical and metal ions in water phase in the wound, can appear and positive and negative charges, colloid, particulate matter, namely the wine will appear cloudy. The turbidity from the water containing metal ions, mineral ions, etc.
2, salty, mainly because of the water hardness is high, with metal salts such as sodium, without dealing with the wine, wine can cause a salty feeling, or again in the current commonly used water treatment equipment, the error caused by residual sodium mixed with water to carry on the technological process, also causes the wine is salty.
3, said: also known as the iron red, rust, because the water content of iron, manganese, tin and other metal ions, especially in the north, liquor-making water from Wells, mostly in the north well water is excessive, iron, manganese content of untreated or processing is not complete, water appears clear and transparent, but there is a high water content of fe, mn, will have an effect on wine.
4, bitter taste, also known as the bitter, because of the water quality of bitter taste in liquor production in general because of high water alkalinity, temporary materials such as high hardness, sulfate class content is too high, the water without treatment or water treatment equipment operation link mistakes, will directly to the wine. Appeared above situation,
if the wine has a great influence on wine sure, so what are the equipment can solve the above problem, in the water treatment industry, the most conventional way is to reverse osmosis equipment, reverse osmosis also called reverse osmosis, RO) 。 Is a solvent in solution with certain pressure through the reverse osmosis membrane separation. Because it is contrary to natural penetration direction, it is called reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of all kinds of material, can make greater than the osmotic pressure of the reverse osmosis method to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and concentration. Under the condition of normal temperature, to solute and water separation and enrichment, and low energy consumption, wide range of impurity removal, can remove inorganic salts and organic impurities, higher water powerusageeffectiveness back.
now in liquor-making industry, the most widely used reverse osmosis pure water equipment, through the reverse osmosis purification treatment, water quality in water production simply, taste good, as the brewing water is very good. And reverse osmosis in its demand higher pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry also has a good application.
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