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The application of standard of activated carbon filter in many aspects

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-02
Activated carbon filter is based on high quality shell charcoal and coal based activated carbon as raw material, supplemented by food-grade binder, using high-tech special process, it is integrated with adsorption and filtration function. Continuous extrusion activated carbon powder activated carbon filter is made by and made of food grade additives, ensure the granular activated carbon has a good adsorption performance, will not release the chunk of activated carbon powder, and can effectively remove the chlorine, inferior and organic matter. Activated carbon filter is adding activated carbon particles in the binder, heating sintering, filter element inner layer of polypropylene skeleton, enhance the pressure resistance of filter element, the skeleton covered two layers of polypropylene superfine fiber mat, made of carbon capture liquid core, with more than 10 micron particles. Carbon core outer package is two layers of polypropylene superfine fiber mat, can be greater than 10 - 20 micron particles trapped in the liquid, making the filter have the double function of filtration purification, outer layer of white plastic net, the filter is complete, on both ends of the filter element has a soft rubber cover, in filter into filter after the seal is good.
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