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The change of the filter material of PP pleated filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-07-13
The change of filter material material The advent of these new filter materials has promoted the progress and development of filtration technology to a large extent, but these filter materials are still mainly granular. a major breakthrough. With the development of my country's filter media industry, the varieties and specifications of filter media are also increasing, and the quality and performance are gradually improved. People gradually began to look for new filter media products, and fiber filter media began to enter people's field of vision with its superior performance advantages. The fiber filter material has large accumulation pores, high specific surface area, low density, and can absorb a large amount of suspended solids. Replacing traditional granular filter materials with soft filler fibers is a brand-new thinking and attempt in the development history of depth filtration technology, and it also marks the beginning of modern filtration technology with fiber filter materials as the core. In 1981, researchers from Unichka Corporation of Japan used short fibers as the filter material to form a messy short fiber deep filter bed and studied it. , to make up for the shortcomings of traditional fiber loss, large filter bed volume, and incomplete backwashing. However, the research on hair flushing conditions of short fibers is still insufficient. On the basis of the short fiber filter material, the Japanese Unichka Company made the fiber ball filter material after repeated research and improvement. When the fiber ball filter material is filtered, due to the resistance generated by the water flowing through the filter layer, plus the self-gravity of the filter layer after intercepting the dirt, the filter layer is loosened and tightened, and the porosity is distributed from top to bottom. The layer structure is relatively reasonable, and an approximate ideal pore distribution is formed. However, the disadvantage of the fiber ball is that the sludge accumulated in the fiber ball is not easy to wash out, and it is easy to be released during filtration, which affects the quality of the effluent. In view of the advantages and disadvantages of fiber balls and short fiber filter materials, people have further improved fiber filter materials, and fiber bundle filter materials have appeared. The researchers conducted a large number of experimental studies on the fiber bundle filter material. Practice has shown that the fiber bundle filter material is different from the traditional filter material form, the fiber bundle is placed in the filter equipment approximately parallel to the direction of the water flow, and the pores of the bed can be adjusted artificially. During filtration, due to the action of gravity, the pores of the filter bed gradually become smaller along the direction of the water flow, which is similar to the ideal filter layer; during recoil, the water flow from the bottom to the top can make the bed in a loose state, so the cleaning is more thorough, and the gas, Less water consumption and shorter cleaning time. In addition, the bed water head loss of the fiber bundle filter material is small, and the increase rate is slow, and the entire filter bed can play a role in interception. Tsinghua University successfully developed the 'Comet' fiber filter material. It combines the good dirt interception performance of the fiber filter material with the good backwashing effect of the granular filter material to form a new filter material. In the filtration technology, the composition of the filter material and the filter material layer is the key to determine the performance of the filter equipment. They determine the quality of the filtered water and the basic performance of the filter equipment. Therefore, the development of filtration technology depends to a large extent on the research and improvement of the filter material and the composition of the filter material layer. ①In the process of sewage pretreatment, removing impurities and suspended solids in sewage, or reducing effluent turbidity, can improve the safety and treatment efficiency of subsequent treatment facilities. ②It can reduce the organic matter content in the effluent to a certain extent, and also has a certain removal rate for heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. ③Ammonia nitrogen can be removed with a certain removal rate. ④According to the different types of filter media, special filter media can remove tiny dispersed oil and part of emulsified oil and dissolved oil.
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