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The characteristics of activated carbon filter zhongyuan material

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon filter is used for drinking water filter, all forms of activated carbon is produced in the same way, contains a lot of natural organic carbon materials, such as wood, coal, peat or anaerobic environment in low oxygen or slow heating, so that we can under the condition of not let the material burning out water and impurities. Through a variety of chemical and physical treatment methods for coal tar processing, in order to greatly increase its surface area, and form the micro pore network, known as activated carbon product has a remarkable ability to attract and combined with a variety of compounds can be impregnated activated carbon all kinds of chemicals to improve its abilities of the combination of the target compounds. All the preparation of activated carbon is done through a process known as adsorption, in the process of absorption, compound evenly distributed in absorption products, like a sponge, however, in the process of adsorption, these compounds and surface molecules, only form a layer of film. Carbon molecules is inherently attractive, that is to say, they will actively look for other molecules that can combine with the activated carbon has great specific surface area and high porosity, the adsorption of the compounds is able to fully penetrate the material, finally find all available.
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