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The characteristics of PP melt-blown cartridge and matters needing attention is what?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
PP melt-blown filter is mainly because it is made from polypropylene superfine fiber thermal entanglement, so it is also called the PP cotton filter, it itself is very strong, clean degree and high filtration efficiency, therefore is very popular in the middle of the actual work.

melt-blown cartridge can be made into again: PP smooth melt-blown filter, embossing filter, orange peel filter, notching filter, acupuncture filter, woolly filter, etc.

hot melt polypropylene fibre in random space form three-dimensional micro pore structure, pore diameter gradient distribution along the filtrate flow, integrating surface, deep, coarse filtration, can intercept different particle size of impurities.

PP filter range from 1 to 100 microns, the flux is equal accuracy peak room filter 1. More than 5 times, can configure different types of end cover joint and meet the needs of the engineering installation.

main features:

PP melt-blown filter aperture density, uniform, high filtration efficiency. Because the particles will occur in the PP melt-blown filter channel bridge phenomenon, make less than the channel particles can also be blocked, filtration efficiency over 98%, PP melt-blown filter itself spotlessness, small pollution to water quality.

PP melt-blown cartridge considerations:

big particle filtration efficiency can reach 99%;

initial precision filtration efficiency 95%;

this is flow value in the differential delta P = 0. Under the condition of 015 mpa, 10 'standard filter filter water when the nominal accuracy of flow value.

PP melt-blown filter filtration precision: 1 ~ 100 microns;

filter length: 1 '70', can be customized special specifications;

element diameter: 5 mm to 200 mm, special specifications can be customized.
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