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The characteristics of PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene membrane material

by:Lvyuan      2022-07-13
The characteristics of PTFE membrane material PTFE membrane material is a high-strength composite material with high strength, flame retardancy, durability, self-cleaning and other characteristics, generally composed of base cloth and coating; base cloth is mainly made of high-strength polyester Fiber or glass fiber filaments are woven, and the coating materials are mainly polytetrafluoroethylene and polyvinyl chloride. The outstanding features of the membrane material are: 1) High strength The membrane material is a high-strength and soft fabric with high tensile strength and certain tear strength. 2) Non-combustibility PTFE and polytetrafluoroethylene materials are non-combustible materials, and PVC materials are flame-retardant materials. 3) Durability Since it is not affected by low temperature and ultraviolet rays, the theoretical service life of PTFE material is more than 30 years, and that of PVC material is more than 15 years. It has been more than 20 years and can still be used normally. 4) Self-cleaning properties The film material itself has anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties. If the surface accumulates dust and air pollution, it can be washed off when it rains, and it can keep clean and light transmittance without special manual washing. 5) Thermal insulation The thermal insulation performance of the single-layer membrane material is roughly equivalent to that of the laminated glass. If the building has high requirements for thermal insulation performance, the inner layer membrane material with good light transmission can be considered. The characteristics of membrane structure Membrane structure building is a new form of architectural art expression, which integrates architecture, structural mechanics, aesthetics, environmental science, fine chemical industry, and material science. Its appearance can be arbitrarily changed according to the needs of the architect, combined with the overall environment, to create a pleasing and iconic project.>>Artistic: Let the architect's imagination play to the extreme, break the traditional architectural form of pure linear form, and create a beautiful picture of simplicity, brightness, softness and rigidity, strength and beauty with its unique curved surface shape, bringing you Brand new visual enjoyment.>>Economy: Compared with traditional building forms, membrane structure buildings save considerable construction costs, especially in spaces with short construction periods and large spans, which are more economical. Because the film has good light transmittance, it can greatly reduce the lighting energy. In addition, the film has a unique reflection effect, which can also greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners. At night, the crystal clear and splendid landscape formed under the special lighting transmission has a very visual impact and greatly beautifies the urban environment.>>Self-cleaning: Membrane material with protective coating is used in membrane construction, which can make the building have a good self-cleaning effect and ensure the service life of the building.>>Environmental protection: Membrane structure buildings are typical environmentally friendly buildings. Taking the Beijing Olympic Water Cube of the National Aquatics Center as an example, the membrane structure air pillow with a thickness of only 2.4 mm covers the entire building like a layer of skin. Compared with glass , it can penetrate more sunlight and air, so as to keep the swimming pool constant temperature, can save electricity and save energy by 30%. Teflon has effective thermal properties and light transmittance, which can adjust the indoor environment, keep warm in winter, dissipate heat in summer, and also prevent the building structure from being eroded by the internal environment of the swimming center. Nearly 10 hours of natural light a day saves a lot of electricity and energy.>>Large span: Because the membrane material has a very light self-weight (about 1kg/m2), the membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered by traditional structures in large-span (unsupported) buildings, and can create huge Block the visible space.>>Short construction period: The processing and production of all membrane materials in the membrane structure project are completed in the dust-free workshop, which greatly shortens the on-site construction period and avoids cross-construction, which is shorter than traditional construction projects.
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