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The characteristics of the microporous folded filter is fit for which industry?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Microporous folded filter for many industries have a lot on the function and functional, its characteristic is reflected in many ways, this affects the application of it industry.

microporous folded filter adopts the folding, membrane filter has big filter area, carrying large amount, low differential pressure, long service life and filter the pure PP material, has a wide range of chemical capacity.

microporous folded filter feature:

1, outstanding chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering the strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent;

2, membrane filter for folding deep filtration, membrane filtration area is large;

3, low differential pressure, pollutant carrying capacity is strong, long service life;

4, and have wide filtration precision can choose.

microporous folded filter applications:

1, the electronics industry: reverse osmosis water system filter, filter deionized water system.

2, pharmaceutical industry: medicine, biological and blood plasma product filtration, compressed air and gas filter.

3, food and beverage industry: mineral water, beverage, fruit juice, wine filtration.

4, chemical industry, organic solvent, ink filter.

5, the oil industry, oil field water injection filter.

6, other: plating solution, metal cutting fluid, photosensitive resist and magnetic medium filtering, etc.
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