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The choice of more medium filter filter material

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
More medium filter with quartz sand, activated carbon, manganese sand, anthracite, fiber ball, etc. , so how to choose a more medium filter filter material, we have to analyze all kinds of filter material different efficacy and collocation.
quartz sand filter material is primarily by retaining filter to purify water, mainly to remove the suspended solids in the water impurities, improve the transparency of the water and turbidity, routinely used in water purification, water purification and surface water treatment, etc.
mainly activated carbon adsorption of organic matter in water, metal ions, deodorization flavour is generally used in water use, water, sewage treatment, in addition to the color in addition to flavor, activated carbon can improve the taste of water for drinking water.
manganese sand filter materials commonly main removing iron and manganese ions in the water, mainly used for the treatment of groundwater, water treatment and metal pipe derusting and high iron content in the wastewater.
anthracite is a kind of filter material between quartz sand and activated carbon, quartz sand filter interception function also has a certain power, activated carbon adsorption is often used in water treatment, water treatment and wastewater treatment, the disadvantage is that filter material cost is high.
fiber ball filter material used in the water treatment of heavy traffic, due to its fast speed, so the unit cross-sectional area of flow is big, and have obvious effect of oil on the processing, is commonly used in oil removal filter, and a large flow of landscape water treatment, water treatment, wastewater treatment.
analysis of all kinds of filter material analysis of the above advantages, then introduce several conventional water treatment filter material choice:
the water treatment, because the river is mainly silt content is relatively high, especially in the rainy season, and the more organic impurities in the water, mainly is the water dissolved section rotten branches and weeds. So commonly used quartz sand and activated carbon for collocation, the effluent water and sediment and the adsorption of organic matter in water impurities, if compare quartz sand and organic matter content of impurities, is the best way to run in series quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter.
processing of groundwater, groundwater mainly iron manganese content is higher, generally choose manganese sand filter materials, manganese sand filter material has high efficiency in addition to the ability of iron and manganese, usually because of the high manganese sand hardness is not, can join the quartz sand filter material, improve the passing rate of water, if is the comparison of the water containing impurities such as silt, suggest an intercept filter manganese sand and quartz sand at the bottom of the filter.
sewage purification treatment, especially the textile wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, mechanical processing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, food wastewater due to its high chromaticity, high suspended solids content, contains organic additives. Quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, is commonly used in water by quartz sand retaining filter box of activated carbon adsorption impurities such as water and sediment, improve the transparency of water, remove the odor in the water.
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