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The choice of printing and dyeing wastewater in the biochemical filler is analysed

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Printing and dyeing wastewater with large water volume, high concentration of organic matter, high salinity and water change is big, its complex composition determines the complexity of the selected water treatment process. At present, the biochemical process to treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, and use this water treatment technology is relatively mature, especially predominantly first hydrolysis acidification and contact oxidation process used more widely in water treatment.
but when it comes to contact oxidation is inseparable from the choice of packing, so to speak, packing is reasonable choice, deciding the success or failure of the entire biochemical system. In the design of many projects, the problems often are ignored easily, cause we are mistaken for dyeing and printing wastewater treatment by biochemical process incomplete, unreliable. To this end, I'd like to summarize my source water treatment filter for many years of experience in this field, for your reference.
biological packing and biofilm carrier, simply is to microorganisms in biochemical treatment provides a place to live and grow, it is also fixed the carrier of microorganism.
the choice of packing is divided into anaerobic packing anaerobic-aerobic filler selection, its function is slightly different. Because YanYangChi hydrolysis acidification can produce organic acids, therefore, the anaerobic packing when the choice of microbial corrosion resistance into consideration; In addition, because the anaerobic water way selection pulse cloth water way ( In front of the paper has introduced) , which requires the selected packing to prevent big loss of anaerobic sludge, and to ensure that the pulse effect better. Comprehensive the above several aspects, in view of the printing and dyeing wastewater biochemical treatment, let's take a look at the comparison of several common packing:
for different types of printing and dyeing wastewater can choose different packing. In all aspects of the comprehensive factors, combining with my filter source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. ( www。 571年水。 com) Years of exploration and engineering practice in this respect, we believe that the combination packing is in dyeing and printing wastewater biochemical filler of first choice.
choosing packing should consider the following factors:
1, whether light
2, anti-aging, biological and chemical stability,
3, hanging film, film
4, hanging membrane after volume load

5, specific surface area of the size 6, if the economy ( Comprehensive economic)
7, transport, installation is simple
the above information is derived from: filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , as shown in the company's web site ( www。 571年水。 com)
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