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The composition of the activated carbon filter structure

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
As with any water treatment processes, activated carbon filter can not remove all contaminants, such as,, microbe, fluoride and sodium nitrate by ac filters to remove, ac filter cannot demineralized water, and heavy metals such as lead only through a very special activated carbon to remove water treatment technique. High technology industrial filtration system has a variety of activated carbon filter, activated carbon, according to its source ( Such as bituminous coal and anthracite, bone charcoal, coconut shell) And the preparation methods, can show different characteristics, and used in the manufacture of all kinds of methods of communication materials have high exclusive, and lead to significant differences industry available medium range. The organic source of activated carbon, coconut shell and coal when burning organic matter in anaerobic conditions, carbon is formed, the process is only about 30% of the organic matter in good condition, in addition to the heavy organic molecules, before used in water treatment, organic matter should be activated, the activation process will open the pore of carbon, and further away unwanted molecules. Activated carbon can be used in addition to chloride, and small, damage to the degradation of carbon or hydrocarbon reaction quickly, velocity is usually very high, but the process requires a lot of surface area, the organic matter in the water will fill up and jam the pore of carbon, activated carbon filter need to be replaced.
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