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The condensate fine treatment covering filter yuan

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

the condensate fine treatment covers the filter element

covering filter yuan of condensate polishing treatment is introduced:

the condensate fine treatment covering filter element refers to the powdered resin filter and profiteer. The condensate polishing treatment generally applied in the power plant water treatment system, inside the filter fitted yuan, can use the fiber filter element surface powder and powder of Yin and Yang tree membrane filter box in order to achieve the purpose of desalination.
when the import and export of differential pressure filter or filter water conductivity or silicon reached set value, the filter is in failure state, will be to explosive membrane and backwashing of filter, and then carries on the membrane back in operation.

the condensate fine treatment covers the characteristics of the filter element:

continuous polypropylene fiber wire wound type filter element. Filter element parameters all adopt computer arrangement to ensure that the comprehensive performance of the product.
it full length filter/resin coating evenly.
it all stainless steel pipe and fittings with screw thread interface center.
it full length and high capacity of sewage.
for all purposes the powdered resin filter/profiteer provide different size of the filter element.
install the filter element device single output is big, covers an area of small, main workshop is easy to decorate.
system is simple, no pollution of acid and alkali consumption and regeneration of alkali waste, waste easy to handle, and environmentally friendly.
investment cost is low, the condensate fine treatment before and after the pressure loss is small.

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