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The design of the activated carbon filter and related components is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Existing water purifier products will install carbon filter or use PP cotton + carbon composite filter, remove the residual chlorine in the municipal tap water, so there will be a small amount of residual chlorine tap water at ordinary times, small make up today's going to introduce the design of the activated carbon filter and related components. Activated carbon filter whose character is formed in the filter bottle inner cavity and inner cavity filled with carbon powder, at the bottom of the inner cavity is equipped with straight tube and PP cotton filter bag, filter bottle is connected to the filter at the end of the bottle of water, at the other end of the straight tube extends to the inner cavity and insert at the bottom of the carbon in the powder, the inside of the PP cotton filter bag filter with the connected to the outlet end of the bottle. Extended to the bottom of the inner cavity, one end of the straight pipe is equipped with check valve, diversion networks are installed in PP cotton filter bag, filter bag in PP cotton set up between the two layers of PP cotton guide network, including cavity set in the head of filter bag, filter bag head including the inlet and outlet, bottles inlet filter with the water inlet and straight tube is linked together, etc. At the filter inlet and fill the bottle with sealing ring, in the outlet of the filter bottle and outlet end joint with sealing ring, PP cotton under the filter bag, including screw, PP cotton with filter bag filter bag through the screw head outlet connection.
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