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The design of the composite PP activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Filter is to filter industry jargon, in order to purify the original ecological resources, realize resource recycling, need purification equipment, at present commonly used activated carbon filter structure mainly consists of inner polypropylene frame and outer polypropylene filter layer, this kind of filter with only single filtering effect. In order to achieve good filtering effect, generally use multilevel filter was carried out on the water, in the existing water purifiers, pretreatment filtering device is composed of three filter, level 3 preprocessing filter unit volume is bigger, is not conducive to water filter miniaturization design, in addition, when the solid filter discarded, the amount of waste. Provides a composite PP activated carbon filter, including the filter body, filter body including PP melt-blown filter, activated carbon adsorption layer and by lined up outside introversion PP non-woven filter layer, the ends of the filter body is equipped with end cover or pads cover. Activated carbon adsorption layer of coconut shell activated carbon or active carbon fiber layer, the number of the activated carbon adsorption layer and the thickness of the filter layer is determined by to filter the fluid filtration requirements, appearance of coconut shell activated carbon is black, granular, columnar.
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