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The differences between PP filter element and PE filter element

The differences between PP filter element and PE filter element


Both PP filter element and PE filter element are commonly used in water treatment. Both filter elements are white. If the specifications are the same, it is difficult to distinguish them by naked eyes. Is there any way to distinguish them quickly? Their processing method is different,  The PP filter element uses the melt blown process, and the PE filter element uses the sintering process. In terms of hardness, the PE filter element is harder than the PP filter element. You can press it by hand. Let me give you a brief -introduction of these two filters below:


Features of PP filter element:   

(1) The pore size of the filter element is dense and uniform, and the filtration efficiency is high. Because particles will bridge the pores of the filter element, particles smaller than the pores can also be blocked,  the filtration efficiency is above 98%.  

(2) It is very clean and will not pollute the water   

(3) It is resistant to corrosion and chemical reagents such as acids and alkalis and organic solvents.  

(4) High strength, when the filter inlet and outlet pressure difference is 0.4mpa, the filter element will not deform. When the pressure is high, it can be lined with a plastic frame or a stainless steel frame  

(5) It is cheap, and it is mostly used in the first-stage filtration and it is disposable 


Features of PE filter element:

Part 1:

1. Super large flow rate: high porosity (60%) ensures a larger fluid flow rate

2. Smooth outer surface: smooth outer surface, impurities are not easy to stick, and backwashing is easy and thoroughly;

3. Strong anti-fouling ability: the filtering precision of small outside and large inside prevents impurities from staying in the filter element, which can press the sludge to 70% of the water content;

4. Excellent cost performance: The filter element has excellent comprehensive performance and high cost performance, and is suitable for water treatment, reclaimed water reuse, chemical product filtration and other large flow conditions.

Part 2:

1. Resistance to strong acid and alkali corrosion, resistance to organic solvent dissolution;

2. High-quality strength and wear resistance ensure its service life;

3. The outer surface is smooth so that impurities are not easy to stick;

4. Recoil and blow, it is reusable

5. Good toughness, the filter element is not easy to break;

6. No peeling or powder dropping happened

7. Strong pressure resistance.


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