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the disadvantages of reverse osmosis exposed - why you shouldn\'t be using this water filter system

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
For a while, reverse osmosis was considered to be the best way to get pure drinking water.
Many of them even installed these devices for home and business purposes.
However, the technology did not last long and fell flat.
This is because there are many disadvantages of reverse osmosis.
Although, to a certain extent, reverse osmosis contributes to the desalination of the commercial sector, it has proved that this has not helped at all at home.
This is why drinking water filters are produced.
In this article, let\'s take a quick look at the shortcomings of reverse osmosis that caused its decline.
Cons 1: Long filtration time this is the most important drawback of this water filtration system so far.
It takes a long time for this system to filter water.
It\'s too slow, it takes about four hours to filter a gallon of water!
Cons 2: high cost in addition to the long time it takes to filter a small amount of water, the cost of purchasing and installing this system is also high.
The cost of buying and installing it is about $10,000!
Now, isn\'t that too expensive for a less efficient system?
Cons 3: invalid filtration do you know this system does not remove the chlorine content that is actually very harmful in the water?
It doesn\'t even retain the important chemicals our body needs, such as calcium and potassium.
Cons 4: excessive water consumption reverse osmosis also requires four gallons of water, producing only one gallon of distilled water within four hours.
Is it not an absolute waste or a precious water?
Look at these shortcomings of reverse osmosis, now is the time for us to say goodbye to this system, choose a drinking water filter with a dual filter system for efficient performance, because these have been proven to be effective year after year, and they are also very cheap.
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