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The filter cartridge replacement operation specification

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Filter core is indispensable in stainless steel precision filter filter element, is a core element in the filtration system. When many clients reflect suppliers sell them before the filter does not teach them how to maintenance and replacement filter, filtering to be with you to introduce below filter cartridge replacement operation specification, want to don't know how to change the filter cartridge customers help!
filter replacement is a necessary work in routine maintenance of the filter, filter cartridge replacement is undeserved, sometimes will affect the normal use of the filter, while the filter replacement filter is relatively simple, we in the change the filter cartridge or want to operate in accordance with the related processes, and to make sure that the replacement of filter can be used normally.
a, operation process:
1, received a replacement filter production order, confirm the system has stopped running;
2, ready to appropriate filter ( Specification, material, size, material, o-rings, etc. ) And remove the tool, collecting barrel, cloth, etc. ;
3, thoroughly clean the filter shell, around the empty filter, set aside operating area. Take protective appliances;
4, will need to replace filters, disconnect from the system. Slowly open the filter at the top of the vent, unloading, pay attention to safety in the process, to prevent the material or liquid spray;
5, emptying the strainer material, with tools to open the filter cover and remove the filter, and will filter installed to scrap plastic bags;
6, with clean tools and cloth, clean inside the filter, to install the new filter;
7, the filter bags open at the end of the opening, check whether the o-ring is in good condition;
8, the material flow, the flow from filter outside, from inside the filter out the method of installation;
9, with appropriate wetting agents ( Such as water) Wet o-ring and filter jack, hand filter near one end of the o-ring, vertical will filter inserted pin completely filter insert, insert element, remove the filter bags, and then install metal casing well, use tools to tighten the filter;
10, closed filter drainage, open the shell at the top of the vent valve and the inlet valve slightly open, make the material into the shell, overflow, until the liquid from the shell at the top of the vent valve close bleed valve at this time. If there is a leak check disassembly,.
11, slowly open the outlet valve, filter until fully open. Said replacement is complete;
12, will replace removal with tools and cleaning tools. To clean up the surrounding health;
2, use the matters needing attention when
1, the operation should prevent pressure shock, forbidding reverse pressure;
2, when the pressure drop between the upstream or downstream filter is greater than or flow decreases obviously, should consider to replace the filter element;
3, install the filter, filter installation direction should be paid attention to;
to learn more about the filter cartridge replacement operation specification, welcome to inquire us!
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