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The filter material and connection method of the water purifier determine its service life

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-19
With the pursuit of high-quality life and the concern of healthy drinking water, citizens have chosen to buy water purification equipment such as pure water machines and direct drinking machines to escort their families' drinking water health. There are many kinds of water purification products in home appliance supermarkets and building materials shopping malls. Each brand has different products, such as mini energy machines, magnetized water machines, and ultra-filtration water machines, which make you dazzled and have no choice. Commonly used filter materials are: 1. PP cotton filter element function: generally used as primary filtration to remove coarser particles of impurities, sludge, suspended substances, etc. in water. Applicable occasions: groundwater, surface water primary filtration use, water purifier pre-filtration use. 2. The function of activated carbon filter element: Absorb different colors, odors and organic chemicals in water, such as disinfectant water. Applicable occasions: 1. Beverages 2. Drinking water treatment 3. Cosmetics 4. Biochemical water treatment. 3. RO membrane function: remove bacteria, viruses, organic matter, heavy metals, ions and other substances that are harmful to human body in water, and retain a small amount of minerals and trace elements. Installation location: cabinet and bathroom Features: filtered into pure water, clean water, good taste, need to be pressurized with electricity. Replace the filter element in time to ensure water quality. Different filter materials of the water purifier need to be replaced or washed regularly. The filter element of the water purifier is often replaced to ensure the water quality. The replacement cycle of the replaceable water purifier is different, depending on the local source. Water quality and household water consumption, under normal circumstances, the progressive filter element is smaller and smaller due to the use of pore size, and the water flow is reduced until it is blocked. The life of UF) is 24 months, and the life of reverse osmosis (RO) is 36 months. If it is not replaced after expiration, it may breed bacteria. There is also a certain period of washing filter material, and the washing methods include external washing and internal washing. Two types, the external flushing is clear and intuitive, and the brushing method is used. Although it has played a role to a certain extent, secondary pollution cannot be avoided. The water purification effect must be discounted to a certain extent, and at the same time, it will destroy the connection and sealing of the product; the internal flushing, Generally, the impurities adsorbed on the surface of the filter element are flushed out of the water pipe through normal water pressure. Because rust and other attachments are difficult to be washed away under normal water pressure, and are invisible, the flushing effect cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the filter material It is more convenient and safe to adopt the replacement type, and it is also an economical way.
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