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The filter material selection

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
There are many kinds of filters, most of the general is the use of 304 stainless steel material and 316 l stainless steel material to make, and carbon steel material, is the conventional iron material, then what kind of material is good, to look at the below:
stainless steel filter, filter of the same specification, relative to the material of carbon steel iron, thin thickness to some, this is according to different corrosion and material composition of pressure, this is belong to the scope of machinery, I can not speak, for how to calculate the thickness of the filter according to the pressure, is a set of complex formula, if necessary can contact technical department in our company. A,
stainless steel case and is the appearance of the atmosphere, beautiful, polishing processing, general food, drinking water, electronic water equipment and so on must use the stainless steel sanitary materials.
in carbon steel, also said daily iron, iron anticorrosive more bad, so must do internal anti-corrosion treatment, such as epoxy or rubber processing, rubber processing of the specifications of the general small price and the price of stainless steel 304 is similar, rubber lining is to professional rubber lining rubber factory, transportation, material cost, labor cost of rubber lining is not low, and the appearance using spray paint, primer paint, paint, design of environmental protection technology question, now, with environmental protection inspection is more and more strict, so a lot of can't make their own paint, do you need to do professional paint factory outside the paint, so the cost increased again, so in this way, or stainless steel. But for big filter, above 2000 mm diameter of filter, carbon steel lining plastic filter is cheaper than stainless steel 304, metaphor is a 2400 mm diameter quartz sand filter, for carbon steel material is qualitative, the thickness of the 8 mm, lining rubber 3 mm, the price of about 30000 or so, and made of 304 stainless steel material of quartz sand filter tank, only 6 mm thickness, the price is about 4. Around 50000.
there is a kind of material is glass fiber reinforced plastic material, FRP disadvantages too obvious, is not under pressure, no in and out of the mouth, replacement of filter material is very trouble, easy to aging, as well as advantages obviously is cheap, but I don't recommend use glass reinforced plastics, because of the high FRP late maintenance manpower costs, and many water treatment companies do not want to go to replace the filter material of glass fiber reinforced plastic material.
so for filter material choice, should first consider the stainless steel material, the second is carbon steel, the last is glass fiber reinforced plastic.
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