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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water treatment industry, the filter is a lot of more phyletic, quartz sand filter, many media filters, activated carbon filter, precision filter, manganese sand filter, etc. , make the user a lot of don't know, has a lot of users don't know, when using quartz sand filter instead opted for activated carbon or manganese sand filter, in fact, every role is different, the following to introduce each filter under different:
1, quartz sand filter, just as its name implies is the internal filled with quartz sand filter material mechanical filter, filter material 304 stainless steel filter, filter of 316 l stainless steel material, carbon filter, filter and glass fiber reinforced plastic material, he mainly through filter layer sediment, colloid, metal ions and organic matter to intercept, adsorption. Commonly used in water treatment, because of its no pollution, low prices, low running cost, so more widely, generally used to filter the water, rain water, landscape water, groundwater, recycled water, sewage water containing suspended solids, such as with flocculant dosing system better effect.
2, many media filters, just as its name implies more medium filter as the name suggests is fill filter material have more than one and two or more of the mechanical filter called medium filter, used in water treatment filter medium, common medium filter filter material has: anthracite coal, clay, quartz sand, activated carbon, etc. , application range is very wide also, must through the combination of the filter material, which has the function of a variety of filter device, relative to a single filter series, he purification effect to almost, but cheaper price, or the high cost performance.
3, activated carbon filter, which is filled with activated carbon filter, mechanical filter, activated carbon is a kind of very small granular has a lot of microporous per unit area, usually we call him capillary hole. The capillary has very strong adsorption capacity, due to the granular surface area is large, in contact with and impurities. These impurities can be adsorbed in the pores, to remove impurities such as the water gel. Activated carbon can adsorb the CL ion in the water and ozone, to the organic matter in the water also to have certain adsorption ability, can obviously on the pigment in the water adsorption, we ask that iodine value in the water treatment industry in more than 700 mg, the activated carbon adsorption ability is stronger, usually used in water treatment, sewage in addition to the color in addition to flavor, etc. , can and activated carbon adsorption of metal ions in water, so widely used in many wastewater treatment, and as drinking water, have the function of improving taste, so is indispensable in the life drinking water filter device.
4, manganese sand filter, also known as the iron manganese filter, is now remove the groundwater, industry waste water, industrial water, such as the most mature of iron and manganese removal equipment, and it is cost-effective, low running cost of the equipment, mainly rely on its own the catalysis of manganese sand, and when the filter in manganese sand filter materials gradually formed on the surface of a layer of iron as an active filter membrane filtration membrane, can a catalytic role. New generation of iron oxide as a new catalytic active membrane filter material is involved in iron removal process, so the active membrane filter in addition to iron process is an autocatalytic process.
5, fiber filters, as its name suggests, is built in fiber ball filter, is also a kind of pressure type mechanical filter, fiber ball filter fiber ball porosity in the accounts for about 93% of the filter material layer. Fiber ball filter running water into the bottom go to, because the water flow through filter layer, the resistance of the filter material formed on panasonic tight space structure of the ideal, not only flux is big, also increased the section carrying capacity, he effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, sediment, and organic matter in water, colloid, iron, manganese, etc have obvious removing effect, the product is applied in the fields of oily wastewater and the fine filter, filtration flux and fiber ball not sticky oil, so widely used in petrochemical industry.
6, precision filter, also known as the security filter, microporous membrane filter precision filter built-in precision filter, filter generally adopted external pressure type, water through the filter tiny pores, into the heart of the filter tube of the water, microporous intercept the water quality of tiny impurities, its ability to intercept the impurities are mainly determined by the aperture of the filter element, my company is the specialized manufacturer of precision filter, the filter precision is 100 um, 50 um, um, 30 20 um, um, um, um 1, 0. 嗯,45 0。 22um,0. 1um。 Precision filter commonly used in quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger behind or ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis unit front, on the one hand is to further processing of tiny impurities in water, on the other hand to prevent before crushing quartz sand, activated carbon, ion exchange through the water distribution device to the next working procedure.
in addition to the more than conventional filters, and self-cleaning filters, hair filter, bag filter, titanium rod filter, etc. , you can refer to our website WWW. 571年水。 Com, or call our company advisory.
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