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The filter tank rubber repair methods

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
General water treatment plant of quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, mechanical filter, filter tanks usually use rubber lining anti-corrosion, increase the service life of the filter tank, so the sand filter and carbon filter rubber lining is one of the best current anticorrosion measures.
due to reach the acid and alkali water treatment, so some large domestic water treatment equipment for rubber material, but many manufacturers of rubber cloth skill not old to may be the cause of improper use, user rubber cloth in many years may be a few months back to bubble, take off a layer in the equipment can't normal use, now more advanced repair method is if the area is small, selects the repairing adhesive is suitable for repair, if the area is larger, chooses cold vulcanized rubber repair is common to think of the best repair method.
cold cure repair methods:
cold cure repair before facing problems:
1, the bonding strength, the rubber briefly the bubbling or fall off.
2, adhesive, demand for 15 days or so to be used, use cycle is too long.
3, cold sticky rubber with the original rubber cannot leak adhesive.
epoxy resin repair method:
repairing epoxy resin is a kind of outdated fixes, actually first is a kind of epoxy resin repair for measures for the repair of the first to deal with because there is some damage of the knock against minor fixes, but due to its time repair skills not old to then become the primary way of rubber cloth patch. But with rubber adhesive ability continuously promoted, and the shortcomings of the epoxy resin to repair itself, he is now gradually by water treatment equipment manufacturers choose.
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