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The glass filter type solvents

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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this instrument includes sand core is a set of filter device and oil-free vacuum pump. Sand core filtration device adopts hard quality glass material, wall thickness uniformity, no bubble, bright and clean and transparent glass, traffic fast, pressure and sealing performance is very good, the dimensions in line with international standards, used for high temperature and high pressure sterilization. This device is applicable to chemical analysis, health, environmental monitoring, biological products, metal products industry, scientific research, etc. , as a filter out particles and bacteria. Such as oil field water injection, analysis of suspended solid concentration, membrane filtration coefficient, the particle diameter and sterility test, cultures of aseptic filtration. Sterile aseptic filtration of thermal sensitive drug, to achieve, and aviation kerosene, hydraulic oil, high purity reagents, such as water quality analysis. Oil-free vacuum pump is widely used in filtration, sample concentration, solid phase extraction device, such as the basis of lab is important equipment. Unipolar or bipolar is through the rubber diaphragm pump up and down reciprocating motion, guide the air flow through the pump head, forming a vacuum. Oil-free vacuum pump provides a completely clean vacuum environment, pump body itself without having to maintain, and won't create any pollution. Sand core filtration materials: boron silicate glass product features: device including: cylindrical calibration funnel; Triangle bottle; Sand core filter; Anodized aluminum special card holder. Sand core filtration unit specification: receiving bottles: 1000 ml filter cup: 250 ml filter head diameter: 47 mm. winstrument。 Cn oil-free vacuum pump specifications: traffic: 10 l/min vacuum: biggest 80 kpa power: the highest working temperature of 20 w: 40 ℃ ( 104? ) The best working time: 30 min weight: 4 kg net address
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