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the good & ugly facts about reverse osmosis water filter treatment systems

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The reverse osmosis water filter system is the process of water treatment.
It removes dissolved minerals, bacteria, impurities or harmful chlorine through the membrane, and water is forced through the membrane, usually installed under the kitchen sink or near the house water system.
Through this treatment process, the water is more pure and the taste of the water is improved.
The system, which existed more than 40 years ago, was designed to remove minerals from the water in the photography and printing industries.
Unfortunately, there are various shortcomings in reverse osmosis treatment.
The main function of the treatment is to force water through the membrane while eliminating harmful minerals;
It also eliminates good minerals such as trace minerals e. g.
Sodium, calcium, or potassium that is good for our health.
This will also change the pH of the water and change it from alkaline to acidic due to the high hydrogen content.
In our daily life, water is consumed in large quantities and drinking acid water is dangerous because it will make our body system weak, make it the perfect condition for disease development in our physical system, such as cancer.
Elements lighter than water cannot be filtered out by reverse osmosis water treatment, so pesticides lighter than water can pass through the filtration system.
In addition, the waste of water is very high when processing water to push the membrane, because every gallon of clean gallons uses nearly four gallons of water, so it is very unfriendly to the environment.
This process is also time.
Since clean water per gallon can take 3 to 4 hours through reverse osmosis treatment, water charges are getting higher and higher due to additional water waste.
Since the reverse osmosis water filter system is usually installed only for kitchen use, the advantage is that (or not)
This is not enough because we will be exposed to untreated water from other sources, such as showers in our home or other basins.
This article is not to say that the reverse osmosis water filter system is not good, like other water treatment processes, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Bottom, however-
Although more pure, odourless water will be produced, it will also cause too much water waste, the environment is not friendly, eliminating good minerals and expensive costs.
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