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The importance of PP melt blown filter element in actual work

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-17
Nowadays, with the emergence of the epidemic, the price of mask raw materials is increasing, which has affected the prices of related products and filter elements. PP melt blown filter elements are one of them. So, what is the PP melt blown filter for water purifiers? The filter element is the soul of the water purifier and the guarantee of the quality of water purification. As the filter accessory of the water purifier, the importance of the PP filter element can be imagined. The purchase of a good quality PP cotton filter element is the key to ensuring the safe water purification of users. According to the measurement of formality, quality, certification, etc., the PP cotton filter element for high-quality water purifier needs to have the following characteristics. ①The regularity of the filter element manufacturer. Professional talents can be more focused. The production of high-quality products must be established on the basis of professionalism, and professionalism is based on formality. Whether the PP filter manufacturer is regular or not can be verified from the aspects of whether it has a business license for water purification accessories, product sanitation approvals, and quality inspection approvals. ② Guarantee of raw materials and production technology. With first-class materials and first-class production technology, the products must be super first-class. High-quality filter elements must be based on raw materials, with the aid of high-tech professional equipment. The raw material of the PP filter element is polypropylene, which is produced with foreign high-quality filter element numerical control equipment. ③Guarantee of length, weight and filtering accuracy. The filter element needs to be combined with the filter case to be used. The length of the filter case is fixed, and the filter element must also be fixed. It will make a big difference if it is more than a millimeter or less. Water effect and service life, a slight deviation will directly affect the overall operation of the water purifier; the length, weight, and filtration accuracy of the filter element can be checked by professional measuring tools, and the operator will have it.
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