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The internal structure of pall oil filter is what?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
1. Pall oil filter of the external and internal support protection frame are made of stainless steel plate stamping, the steel plate with high intensity and corrosion resistance than 5 ㎜. Strong support can prevent such as filter tube burst failure. 2. Pall filter filter material of domestic and imported film coating polyester non-woven fabrics, polyester fiber filter paper, long glass fiber filter material, etc. Adopt international * * * * * * * * * folding technology, wide aperture is small. Even. 3. Oil filter cartridge with pall filter board joint with low hardness and high strength between foam sealing rubber ring sealing, to ensure that no dust leakage and filtering precision can reach 99. 9%. 4. Pall filter on both ends of the end cover is composed of antirust steel plate stamping, thickness more than 8 mm. In this case, it is not easy to deformation. End cover and the connection between the filter material with special polyurethane foam glue, to ensure that the end cover and the filter material close connection without clearance.
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