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The introduction of bag filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Keywords: water filter | PP wire wound filter filter | | PP folding PP melt-blown filter | large flow filter | activated carbon filter

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bag filter bag filter has the quick-opening seal structure. 0 type seal type, cleaning more capacity. Filtering residual liquid, change the filter bag is very convenient, mainly used in paint, beer, cosmetics, plating solution, milk, vegetable oil, industrial water, emulsion, sugar, water, fruit juice, vinegar, resin, printing ink, industrial waste water. Characteristics of bag filter products; 1. Adopt the unique filter design technology, can effectively prevent the filter bag in a filter in the work under the pressure may, within the basket to ensure 100% no leak. 2. Rational allocation of sealing ring, whether single bag or bag filter, can ensure the system reliability of sealing. Special sealing design can be used both ordinary steel ring sewing filter bag, also can use full weld hot melt filter bag, can ensure maximum no leak phenomenon. 3. Filter basket is setting by computer, laser drilling of high strength stainless steel plate, the molding, polishing, rarely attached materials. 4. A variety of high quality stainless steel material, including 304, 316, can also provide a variety of special metal filter vessel. Jin Sanyang water treatment companies provide economical filter, can provide users with more affordable choice. 5. Compact structure, reasonable size. Installation and the operation is simple, convenient, covers an area of less. 6. High filtration precision, suitable for any tiny particles or suspended solids, filtration range from 1 to 800 microns; 7. Unit of the processing flow of large filtration area, filtration resistance is small, high filtration efficiency. A filter bag filter function is equivalent to the same type filter element 5 ~ 10 times, can greatly reduce the cost; The design discharge can meet the requirements of 1 ~ 500 m3 / h, cost low cost; 8. Wide range of USES, can be used for coarse filtration, filtration and fine filtration; Under the condition of the same filtering effect, compare the plate and frame filter press, filter filter, raw water filter and fine filter equipment with low investment cost, long service life and low filtering cost advantages. 9. In the same structure is reasonable, the operation cost is low, the filtering effect and processing conditions, the price is far lower than the imported bag filter. Web site
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