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The Japanese fishing industry: strongly opposed to the fukushima sewage into the sea

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Tokyo electric power company plans to march to discharge the plant is stored in the sea of low-level radioactive water, it strong opposition from the fisheries stakeholders, it is reported that Japan's fishing around the group representatives, protested to the company's headquarters in Tokyo.
Tokyo electric power company, said yesterday that plans emissions is regularly radioactive material into the workshop of the place such as the basement sewage water after filtration separation processing, currently used in the reactor, but along with the groundwater flow, water gradually increased, the plant's daily sewage reserves will increase by 200 tons to 500 tons. Next year will be more than 3 month storage capacity limit.
the plant after a nuclear accident, has at least 10000 tons of low-level radioactive nuclear waste water discharged into the Pacific Ocean, the level of criticism of neighboring China and South Korea.
7, Japanese government said that Japan's nuclear disaster countermeasures headquarters will be held on the 16th conference, announced the fukushima accident processing end of the second stage, the fukushima nuclear power plant unit 1 to 3 of fuel has stable cooling, and can maintain not leak of radioactive substances for long time, years to implement the plan to achieve the second phase of the 'cold shutdown' goal.
the Japanese economy ministry of nuclear safety agency said that tepco summary in order to ensure safety in the next three years facilities operating plan 'basic right'.
the agency also requires tepco desalination processing equipment leakage cause, and prevent measures relevant report. The government will evaluate this after listen to the opinions of the experts.
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