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The lake water treatment equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The lake water treatment equipment is also known as the lake water filtration equipment, the lake water purification plant, mainly for surface water purification.
the lake water is surface water, also received the influence of various factors on the surface of the surface, so the water quality and sometimes cloudy sometimes clean and clear, and to work on water treatment equipment and water, we should consider is the worst case, the water quality is cloudy. Water turbidity, we first adopt precipitation tank for dosing, and then carries on the quartz sand filter, disinfection equipment and so on subsequent processing, sometimes only quartz sand filter doesn't work, if the water quality of organic matter, odor, color, the most good and activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter can absorb the smell in the water and hair color, and then remove the odor and color in the water. If do a quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter cost is high, can consider to do more than a medium filter, quartz sand and activated carbon in two kinds of filter material, filter medium advantage more is both quartz sand filter interception function of suspended solids and activated carbon filter adsorption function, and of course is divided into two filters, quartz sand and activated carbon filler material, thought better of course.
if oily substance is dissolved in the water, then I can suggest to fiber ball filter or fiber bundle filter, filter they have very oily be soiled function also can remove the suspended solids in the water, after the above all kinds of mechanical filter, clean water quality can reach a certain degree, if higher requirements can be added a subsequent precision filter and bag filter.
so the river water and surface water treatment, basically be to see you and the water quality of the investment funds, according to the requirements of you make the best combination of purification equipment.
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