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The main factors that determine the working principle of the large flow filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-21
In filter equipment, filter element is a relatively common filter device. According to factors such as material, size, precision, etc., filter elements are also divided into many types, and the working principles of different types of filter elements will vary somewhat. The high-flow filter element is one of the more popular filter elements. So, what factors affect its working principle? For traditional filter elements, the higher the filtration efficiency of general products, the shorter their dirt holding capacity and life expectancy. However, due to their own technical advantages, large-flow water filter elements have solved this problem well and have gradually become More choices for companies. The high-flow water filter element itself has good characteristics, and its use can help operators greatly improve their work efficiency. The working principle of the high-flow filter element: ①The filter element's in and out structure makes it easy to replace the filter element. At the same time, keep pollutants blocked inside the filter element; ②Allow high-flow media to pass through the filter material, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss and long life; ③The hot-melt adhesive polypropylene material can prevent particles from being released and unloaded, which is different from Ordinary wire-wound filter element; ④High flow means the use of a smaller size filter housing, which reduces investment costs and saves floor space; ⑤Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter housing. A wide range of flow rates can be used. It can be used during startup or continuous operation; ⑥The folding surface design makes the pressure drop of the high-flow filter element lower than other filter elements and has a longer service life; ⑦The replacement of the filter element is faster, simpler and safer; ⑧O-ring ensures filtration Reliability of the filter; ⑨The metal-free structure of the filter element makes it possible to carry out environmental protection treatments such as complete combustion and flattening. The high-flow water filter element adopts horizontal pleating technology to maximize the filter area in a limited space. At the same time, it ensures that each unit area of u200bu200bthe filter medium has fluid passing through, and the effective filter area conversion rate and work efficiency are high. . The high-flow water filter element is easy to carry, and its filter layer is from the water inlet to the water outlet, and the pore size is changed from coarse to fine to ensure that impurities are kept in the filter element and avoid secondary pollution. It has two forms: outside in and inside out structure and inside in and out structure, making it easier to replace, and at the same time ensuring that pollutants are intercepted inside the filter element. In addition, the equipment has a wide range of applications, and it can be used both at startup and during continuous operation.
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