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The meaning of melt blown filter element in the filtration industry

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-22
Melt-blown filter element is a relatively common filter element in the filtration industry, and it is also one of the filter elements that have been around for a long time. Melt-blown filter element can also be called PP cotton filter element. How is its use value reflected in work? PP cotton filter element, also known as melt blown PP filter element, is a tubular filter element made of polypropylene particles through heating, melting, spinning, traction, and forming; if the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP melt blown filter element . The PP cotton filter element is made of fiber made of polypropylene resin and bonded by the fiber itself. The layout of the filter element is that the outer fiber is thick, the inner fiber is thin, the outer layer is loose, and the tight mutation diameter of the inner layer is gradually tightened. The common gradient deep filtration forms a three-dimensional filter residue function, which has the characteristics of high porosity, high rejection, large dirt holding capacity, large flow, and low pressure drop. The PP cotton filter element is not only used in large quantities for water purification, but also has outstanding chemical compatibility and is suitable for the filtration of strong acids and alkalis. Strong dirt holding capacity, long service life and low cost. The pore size of the PP cotton filter element is fine and uniform, and the filtering power is high. Function and characteristics of PP cotton filter element: It can effectively remove all kinds of particles and impurities in the filtered liquid; it can be multi-layered and deep structure, with large dirt holding capacity; filtering flow is large, and pressure difference is small; it does not contain any chemical adhesives, and is more hygienic , Safe; resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and oils, with good chemical stability; integrating surface, deep, coarse and fine filtration; has the characteristics of large flow, corrosion resistance, high pressure and low cost. It is used to block large particles such as rust, sand, insect eggs and so on in the water.
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