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MBR membrane

The melt filter

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-22
Melt filter is made of multi-layer sintered metal mesh, special laminated molding, vacuum sintering and become a kind of high strength and stiffness of the whole new type of filtration material. Stainless steel sintered mesh crisscross each other, form a uniform ideal filter structure. Using the melt filter 3 1 should be paid attention to. Sintered stainless steel net filter is not applicable. In the selection of the filter, if the selected filter is not suitable for the current working environment, high filter precision, pressure for more than * * * * * * allow working pressure and can lead to filter suction phenomenon. 2. Stainless steel sintering network filter installed improperly. Filter installation should be precise and stable. Work has started on fixed is bad, if the filter filter, can damage the filter. 3. Sintered stainless steel net filter blockage, failed to timely replacement. Filter was pollution serious jam, failed to timely cleaning, lead to filter differential pressure increases, the filter element strength is insufficient, lead to filter flat
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