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The most powerful water treatment company: water treatment center

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The strongest water treatment companies, water treatment technology research center, the largest of the strongest water treatment company, filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , form a complete set of water treatment center for all kinds of mechanical filter, filter products we get their approval and support, water treatment technology research and development center co. , LTD. , formerly known as the State Oceanic Administration of water treatment technology research and development center, is China's chemical industry group co. , LTD. Center was established in 1967, as the domestic pioneer in the field of liquid membrane separation and membrane desalination and water treatment technology industrialization is important base, its scale and industrialization of innovation ability in the industry. Center is China's water desalination, industrial pure water, water reuse, electronic ultrapure water, food, drinking water, medicine, water and waste water recycling, enrichment separation in the fields of application of membrane technology, and domestic only has reverse osmosis ( RO) , nanofiltration ( NF) Ultrafiltration (, UF) , microfiltration ( MF) Electrodialysis (, ED) , a bipolar membrane ( BPM) Most complete varieties, such as the separation of membrane product research and development, manufacturing units.
center, adhering to the 'water technology development, the benefit of the whole society' of the enterprise mission, assemble the essence of the business for 40 years of scientific and technological personnel, with the industry technology advantage and industry leading position, deepen the study of membrane water treatment technology, vigorously practice of extending the application of membrane technology in all fields, become a national liquid membrane separation engineering technology research and development center, a supporting institution, the national center for water purification technology and equipment mobilization area main drafting unit of all kinds of national and industry standards and domestic academic exchanges in the field of water treatment center.
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